How to add custom CSS in wordpress – without using any plugin

There are quite a few custom css plugins , however majority of them apply the custom css site wide. If you want to apply the css to a specific page, then one approach is to make edits to the theme functions.php file. However this approach is not recommended , as the changes will be lost […]

How to Highlight the Active Page in WordPress Navigation Menu

WordPress adds a class of .current-menu-item to menu item for the page which is being currently viewed by the user. In order to highlight the active page, you can simply add css to target this class. Simply use a custom css plugin to add the rules.

How to Add GrayScale Hover Effect to Images in WordPress

Hey Guys, In this post I will share a very simple technique to add Gray-scale Hover Effects to the images in WordPress.  We will achieve these effects only using CSS. I will be sharing a couple of approaches in this Post.   1. Adding GrayScale Hover Effects to all the Images 2. Adding the Grayscale […]