Beginners Guide to Styling the WordPress Login Page using Custom Login Page Customizer Plugin

WordPress is one of the best and easy to use content management systems we have today. It comes with a simple login page, which some people might not find appealing. In this tutorial, I am going to share a very simple way that one can easily customize the login page using the Adjusting the Logo’s … Read more

A Simple Guide to customizing WordPress Text Widget

In this post I will share a few techniques to customize the WordPress Text Widget . Though the Text Widget looks  basic, it actually is quite powerful.  If you are willing to learn a bit of CSS, you can customize it in a lot of ways.

In this short guide I will be covering following topics.

  1. How to add HyperLink inside Text Widget
  2. How to add Image to the Text Widget and How to link the image.
  3. How to add a Youtube Video to Text Widget
  4. How to add Link to Widget Title
  5. How to Style the Text Widget
  6. How to add and style a List in Text Widget
  7. How to add ShortCode to a WordPress Widget

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