How to Link Widget Titles in WordPress without using a plugin

By default WordPress does not accept hyperlinks in the widget title.  Even if you enter a hyperlink , it will strip down all the html tags  and simply print out the text.  So basically in order to link the widget titles, we’ll need to find a way to make WordPress accept html in Widget Title. […]

How to Add Custom JavaScript to a Specific Page in WordPress

In this tutorial I will share a simple technique to add custom JavaScript to a specific Page in WordPress. The best part is that we don’t need to make any edits to the templates files or the functions.php file. The Concept The Concept behind this tutorial is quite simple. We will make use of Custom […]

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Admin Panel

Recently I was in a situation where I wanted to track the Pageviews for the admin panel.  Since I use Google Analytics on all my websites, I decided to add it  to all the admin pages. Since there are no plugins to specifically add google analytics code to admin pages, I wrote a short snippet. […]

Display Business Hours in WordPress Sidebar

A lot of Service Business like Spa , Salon , Restaurants etc.  display Opening / Working Hours on their website. In this Post I will share a simple snippet to add Working / Business Hours to the WordPress SideBar. We will utilize the all powerful WordPress Text Widget to display the business Hours.  Since the […]

How to Apply Different Style to External Links

Have you noticed that WikiPedia styles external links differently than the internal links? The external links have an icon besides them. The different styling tells a user that clicking on this link will take him to an external domain. Here is a screenshot.   In this post I will share a snippet which lets you […]

A Simple Guide to Customizing the WordPress Admin ToolBar

A lot of people have Love-hate relationship with the WordPress Admin Toolbar. I personally love the toolbar as it makes life easy for me. I spend a lot of time working with WordPress and would simply go mad it there is no toolbar. It makes super easy to switch between the Front end and the […]

How to Turn Off Comments on WordPress Pages

In this tutorial I will share a simple snippet which allows you to disable / turn Off comments on WordPress Pages. The snippet is quite simple and does two things 1) It first checks if the post is of type ‘page’. The check is done after the post object is completely created. 2) In case […]