A Simple Guide to Customizing the WordPress Admin ToolBar

A lot of people have Love-hate relationship with the WordPress Admin Toolbar. I personally love the toolbar as it makes life easy for me. I spend a lot of time working with WordPress and would simply go mad it there is no toolbar. It makes super easy to switch between the Front end and the […]

How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

If you want to include a map in your contact us page, want to provide a map with your upcoming event or want a map for any other reason, you can definitely use Google Maps. And do you think you will need to hire a professional for doing this? Well, not actually. Adding Google Maps […]

How to Remove Featured Image from All Posts in WordPress

In this post I will discuss how to bulk delete featured images from posts. One can manually remove featured images but it is time consuming and might not be practical for websites with large number of posts. So in this post I will share a few code snippets which will make the task of removing […]

How to Add Featured Image to RSS Feed in WordPress

By Default WordPress only includes the excerpt in the RSS feed. Many a times one might need to add the Featured Image to WordPress RSS feed. There are two ways to go about it 1) Customizing and Editing the theme functions.php file 2) Use a Plugin. In this post I will focus on the second point and […]

How to Turn Off Comments on WordPress Pages

In this tutorial I will share a simple snippet which allows you to disable / turn Off comments on WordPress Pages. The snippet is quite simple and does two things 1) It first checks if the post is of type ‘page’. The check is done after the post object is completely created. 2) In case […]